Countries That Limit Video Slots Gambling
Countries That Limit Video Slots Gambling
Online slots are a prevalent type of gambling options today. Even though they have a relatively short history, they have managed to attract a vast majority of gamblers from all around the world. These magnificent machines are easy to play, can produce faster payouts, and most importantly, they can bring a whole lot of entertainment to the table - play Bezy now.

Despite their worldwide availability, there are still some countries that have limited or banned these spelt machines. If you are somewhere in these countries, you should avoid making a bet on a video slot or else you might find yourself in trouble.

Countries Where Slots Are Banned
Well, you should somewhat be relieved as there are only six countries where online slots are wholly banned or illegal.
UAE (United Arab Emirates)
Being an Islamic country, UAE has put a long-existing ban on offline and online gambling platforms, which also applies to online video slot machines. However, the government is now relaxing its laws, and gambling might soon be legalised.
Again a Muslim country, therefore, you won't be able to get hold of any gambling operators from within the country's jurisdictions. You might think of using a VPN but keep in mind that the laws here are stringent, and violating them can put you in jail for a couple of years.
Singapore banned online gambling in 2014 under the Remote Gambling Act. This act prohibits any form of gambling that takes place over the Internet.
North Korea
North Korean laws prohibit any form of gambling for their citizens, including online gambling and video slot machines. However, two land-based casinos are operating in the country where you might get hold of a video slot, but they are only open to foreigners.
Lebanon is yet another Muslim country that prohibits any citizen or visitor from accessing online gambling platforms. Online gambling in the country is strictly prohibited and is punishable by law.
Brunei is a predominantly Muslim country and, under Common Gaming Houses Act, prohibits its citizens from accessing or indulging in online gambling activities, whether it is a slot machine or sports betting.
Countries Where Online Slots are Limited
In addition to these states where online slots are utterly banned, some countries are also limited but not illegal.
Kuwait is an Islamic country, and any gambling is prohibited by law. However, the government's stance towards online gambling is somewhat lenient. Therefore, you can use a VPN to access online slots platforms from within the country's jurisdictions.
South Cyprus has banned all sorts of online gambling under the Betting Act 2012. The only form of gambling that is legalised in the country is sports betting. However, if you're in Northern Cyprus, you might be able to put your bets freely on slot machines without any restrictions.
Indian laws prohibit all sorts of gambling in the country. However, there are no laws applicable to online slots.

Apart from these, there are also more than 50 countries (Pakistan, Turkey) where no laws prohibit or legalise online gambling.

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