Are You Underestimating the Threat that Cybercrime Poses to Your Business?
Are You Underestimating The Threat That Cybercrime Poses To Your Business?
The threat of cybercrime is omnipresent in the modern era. It is a sad fact that there are very few times when we are not at risk of having our data stolen. It is troubling that the rate of cybercrime is rising every year and is becoming progressively more and more difficult to keep up with.

This has become a massive concern when it comes to keeping yourself and your business secure and safe. It can be a constant battle to stop hackers and cybercriminals from stealing and selling your data or using it for personal profits. This can be a very precarious position to be in; however, we can use cybersecurity tools to help us.

Why Do Businesses Implement Cybersecurity Processes?
Cybersecurity can help prevent data breaches from happening and can speed up the recovery time after a breach to stop your business from remaining vulnerable to other cyberattacks for too long. It can be devastating for a business to have any kind of breach, as such things can have a long-term or permanent effect on the business.
Why Is Quality Of Service Important In Cybersecurity?
QOS (Quality Of Service) is all about optimizing the mission-critical elements of your network, so they can run efficiently, almost regardless of restrictions like bandwidth and network congestion. One practical upshot of this is that if a cyberattack does occur, these elements can be brought back online faster and hasten the return to ‘business as usual’ for the affected company.
What Else Does Cybersecurity Do For A Business?
The broad brush answer is that it stops businesses from getting hacked and having information and data of their customers and employees stolen by those with malicious intent. This might be through various types of social engineering, such as phishing, or other methods, such as a distributed denial of service (also known as DDoS), insider threats, or advanced persistent threats (also known as APTs).

All of these things are what businesses are very vulnerable to, especially smaller ones who might not have much by way of cybersecurity.

Why Do Cyberattacks Occur?
There are many reasons why a cyberattack might occur, and unfortunately, you might be indirectly to blame for some of it. This can be anything from not remembering the frequent renewal of secure passwords to simply not having your files properly protected when you know you work with sensitive data of clients. Small acts of unwitting negligence like this can make you partly to blame for any attacks on your business.

For this reason, an important step is to increase the knowledge of both yourself and your employees about the different ways hackers and cybercriminals can get into your business's data and making sure that everyone knows what to do in the event of an attempted cyberattack.

Other Benefits Of An Effective Network Security Policy
Another thing cybersecurity protects against is the physical damage to your company's laptops and computers. This can be anything from natural disasters, such as floods, fires, or earthquakes, to deliberate harm done by an employee, such as vandalism or theft.

Network security will keep your files in your business safe. It stops things like APTs from occurring within your networking and keeps the information that’s coming and going from your devices, whether they be mobile devices such as cell phones or smartwatches, to your desktop computers out of the sight of malicious users.

Cybersecurity And The Cloud
Another thing cybersecurity helps with is cloud security. When we’re all working remotely, as 41.8% of Americans currently are, cloud security is really important. It works to keep our data that is stored in a cloud-based database safe when we are not using them. It’s like locking our files up in a vault and keeping them safe until we need to use them again. This kind of thing is really useful when it comes to working remotely, but it also has the downside of being at greater risk of being hacked into. This can be very damaging when not protected properly and can cause a lot of problems and trust issues.
Cybersecurity And The Individual
It can be very easy for us to think that we don’t need a high level of protection for our devices, but this can be a mistake as anyone is potentially at risk. Whether that be a huge corporate business such as Amazon or an individual who is living paycheck to paycheck.

Often, we can cause problems by introducing an infected device like a personal cell phone to a secure network when we connect to answer work email outside of office hours. It is through simple acts like this that the most devastating attacks can occur.

Naivety in both our personal and professional lives regarding the volume and sophistication of the threats to sensitive data is a troubling issue. However, it can be at least partly resolved using education and the wide range of cybersecurity tools available.
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