How to Beat Instagram Restrictions
How to Beat Instagram Restrictions

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for individuals to express themselves, their goals and ideas in simple but very dynamic formats. With a powerful network and many criteria that control the visibility of all pages, it creates a flourishing and everchanging environment for influencers, businesses, and private individuals to connect and interact with their audience, making them ad viewers or even potential clients for the future.With such an active and organic user base, modern companies and business-minded individuals understand the value and exponential growth of the advantages that come with a strong presence on Instagram. To reap these benefits, many use botted accounts, data scrapers, and other scripts to automate certain processes and play around with tools that could accelerate your growth.

That being said, Instagram is tired of dealing with botted accounts, as they obscure the data on organic traffic and behaviour. Just like with Facebook, Meta takes a strong stance against botted accounts. Some limitations are so strict that in 2023, we see many Instagram users banned or flagged for suspicious activity simply because they followed too many people in a short period. Today, we constantly face action blocks, account bans, and IP blacklisting that disrupts the proper use of Instagram.

In this article, we will help you find ways to prevent and overcome Instagram restrictions. With the help of internet privacy tools, these issues look like temporary inconveniences that can be ignored with modern anonymity solutions. Proxy servers are a safe bet and a common tool for tackling action block Instagram and other usage problems. Smartproxy is one of the best providers in the industry that offers quality proxy services as well as technical knowledge to deal with common industry problems. Check out their blog article for more details on how to overcome action block Instagram and similar issues with social media management.

How Instagram Restricts Users

To minimize the effectiveness of bot connections, Instagram promises an environment where fake users do not spam your page and comments with random requests, offers, and other messages. However, these limitations also restrict management bots' use by social media managers.

Action blocks are the most common preventive measure that limits or prevents certain functions for your account. By restricting actions such as liking, following, and commenting, you have far less influence over the platform and users that interact with specific content. Although action blocks are a light punishment, they grow into full account and even IP bans if the user tries to continue working with bots or attempts the same actions that got it into these restrictions.

Account bans are more serious occurrences, whose consequences range from mild to severe. If the banned account is one of the fake identities that was used to promote the main page, the crisis can be averted, especially if it did not attract too much attention to your IP address. Keep your disguises and identities believable, and better manage multiple accounts with proxy servers for scalability. If one of the accounts covered by a proxy gets caught, it will not have such a massive trace towards your main account. Keep the connections believable to avoid an account ban at all costs.

IP bans can be very serious, especially if Instagram decides to block your public identity. However, if the address is already blacklisted, the situation is still salvageable. If you are only starting the promotion of an Instagram account, beginning the entire process with a proxy connection will help you avoid all the consequences of an IP ban.

Making the right steps at the beginning of the process is essential because an IP ban can reach all Instagram accounts associated with the connection. Use proxy servers as early as possible, and begin covering your tracks in the early stages. It is the only way to stop the ban from spreading to all associated accounts, which would bring the whole operation down.

How to Stop Instagram Restrictions

The easiest way to stop Instagram from flagging your account comes from following rules and guidelines that should never lead you to suspicious activity. However, abiding by them means never using bots and automation tools that could make your Instagram presence a lot more suspicious.

To avoid detection, most modern companies use residential proxy servers to separate bot connections from organic user traffic. If you route automation tools through an intermediary server and swap these identities every few minutes, the algorithm will have no evidence that sticks and no actions that trigger flagging. A good provider will grant you access to thousands of trustworthy proxy IPs. Use them to make sure that fast and data-sensitive tasks avoid any Instagram restrictions.


With legitimate addresses from the best providers in the industry, proxy servers are the most effective tools for stopping Instagram restrictions and continuing your work without limitations.

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