How to Receive and Send Secure Fax with an iPhone or iPad?
How to Receive and Send Secure Fax with an iPhone or iPad?
Despite technological advancements, there are instances where you may still need to send or receive a fax. Luckily, there are several iPhone fax apps available to cater to your faxing needs. In this article, we will discuss three methods, including two free options, and explore solutions for businesses with stringent privacy requirements.
Is an iPad or iPhone good for sending faxes?
Faxing from an iPad or any Internet-enabled tablet is now possible through faxing apps and online fax services. Unlike traditional fax machines, iPad faxing solutions offer the convenience of sending faxes without the need for printing and scanning. You can fax your documents using any device, anytime and anywhere. By installing a fax app on your iPad, you can directly send your faxes from your tablet. If you don't own an iPad, you can still send faxes via your smartphone or computer.
Is it smart to switch to digital fax?
People are typically skeptical about being the first to adopt new technology, just like with faxing on a mobile phone, which feels too official. However, the tide is turning. Companies are worldwide prioritizing sustainability, and paperless workflows are gaining traction. This is where iPhone faxing comes in.

On top of that, sending faxes from your iPhone offers flexibility, boosting productivity and efficiency in today's evolving workplace. With just a single click, your file is on its way across the globe. Moreover, sending documents from your iPhone or smartphone ensures the security of your files, protecting them from unauthorized access.

Secure Faxing on iOS
To fax from an iPad or iPhone, there are two methods available. The first one involves using your preferred mobile browser and accessing the web. The second option requires downloading and installing a dedicated fax app directly from the App Store. To find a suitable fax app, you can search for "fax from iPad" or "fax from iPhone" in the App Store. You can download it on iOS directly from the link. Keep in mind that the search results will provide a list of available apps, making it challenging to determine the best one without trying them all. The option available at the link is one of the most popular solutions.

iOS faxing guide:

  1. To get started with encrypted fax services, head to the App Store and install the app. If you're new to the app, you'll need to sign up for the service when prompted. Simply tap "Continue" and confirm the Basic Monthly subscription.
  2. After installing the app, either connect to an existing account or enter your email address and tap "Continue" to proceed. On the home page, tap "Create a Fax" to start the faxing process.
  3. Next, provide the recipient's details including their fax number, name, and the subject of the fax. To add the document, you can either scan it with your phone's camera, write text directly, use an email attachment, choose a photo from your phone's gallery, or select a file from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  4. If you need to add more pages to the fax, tap "Scan" or "Add Document" and continue the process. Each attachment can be a different type of document, allowing for flexibility.
  5. When you're ready, tap "Send" to transmit the fax.

Advantages of online fax over online fax
Sending a fax from an iPhone is much more convenient compared to using a traditional fax machine. Not only does it save space, but you also have the flexibility to fax from anywhere, even during business trips.

By faxing from your reliable iPhone, you have direct access to manage your documents. Additionally, you can easily keep track of your faxes with instant email alerts, ensuring successful delivery. Operating a complex machine becomes effortless, as there are no complexities to worry about.

If you use a powerful fax application, you can further enhance your fax workflow by automating tasks and speeding up document processing. The app provides built-in tools to edit, sign, and annotate PDFs. The application above also features a document scanner to instantly digitize hard copies. Don't question mobile fax security. With 256-bit military-grade encryption, your faxes are secure, and integration with existing CRM or EHR platforms is seamless.

Final Thoughts
Opt for iPad or iPhone faxing to effortlessly eliminate the stress and hassle associated with traditional faxing methods. Unlike a fax machine, faxing from an iPad provides unmatched convenience and portability. With the ability to bring it anywhere and use it whenever, iPad faxing becomes the top choice, particularly for those who need to fax while on the move.
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