Online Android Pattern Unlocker
Online Android Pattern Unlocker

Instantly Find Forgotten Login Pattern of any Android Mobile

SHA1 Hash:

How to Find SHA1 Hash from Mobile & Unlock Pattern

In all Android mobiles, Login Pattern value is stored in SHA1 Hash format in the following file,

To unlock pattern, you have to copy above file from your rooted mobile to PC. Next get the hash data from this file using any hex editor.Then you can use this online tool to instantly find Login Pattern of your mobile.

Below are the simple steps,
  1. First Root your mobile phone or retrieve the phone image dump
  2. Next copy the file "/data/system/gesture.key" to your PC
  3. Now use any hex editor to copy SHA1 hash value (20 bytes)
  4. Finally enter the hash value in the above form & click on "Find Login Pattern"
  5. It will instantly find and show your Login Pattern
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