Online Trillian Password Decoder
Online Trillian Password Decoder
Here is simple, easy to use Online Password decoder for Trillian Messenger. Trillian is the most popular universal messenger which works on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android etc. No matter what platform your Trillian messenger is running on, you can use this Online Trillian Password Decoder to instantly recover your lost/forgotten Trillian Password.

It is easy to use, simply copy the encoded password from your Trillian password file 'accounts.ini' (follow the instructions) and paste it in the below text box to get the original password.
Enter your Encoded Trillian Password:

Tested with Trillian v4.21 to v5.0.
How to find Trillian Password?
Here are simple instructions on how to find your saved Trillian or Trillian Astra password.
  • 'Trillian' or 'Trillian Astra' store the main login password (called as Identity or Astra password) in the 'accounts.ini' file at below mentioned location depending on your platform.
[Windows XP]
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Trillian\users\global\

[Windows Vista & Windows 7]
  • Once you find the 'accounts.ini' file, open it in Notepad.You will see all your Trillian login settings including encoded passwords as shown in the sample below.
Display Name=Trillian Test Account
Save Password=1
Last Login=1901652936
  • Now copy everything after 'Password=' string (for example, here it is ODc1NEU4QTg1NUVGQjRGQzAxQzJDQTk1AA==) and paste it in above text box.
  • Next click on 'Decode Password' button to get your original Trillian Password.
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