Outsourcing Node.js Development Company: How to Choose the Best One
Outsourcing Node.js Development Company: How to Choose the Best One
Node.js is a perfect match for everyone who wants to develop a fast and cost-savvy app.
Let’s just take a glance at the core Node.js benefits:
  • The apps based on this technology are easy to scale, both horizontally and vertically;
  • Node.js is extremely lightweight, fast, and efficient;
  • Node.js can cut the time-to-market and facilitate the software development cycle significantly;
  • Node.js code can be reused both for the backend and frontend sides of the app;
  • Node.js provides the apps with high performance, even when the traffic is huge.
With this up-to-date technology, your project will definitely succeed. But a very important condition is to have a reliable technical partner. One of the most optimal options is to hire an outsourcing Node.js company. RexSoft team prepared the simple recommendations to choose the best one:
1. Trusted ratings and platforms are the perfect places to find your potential tech partner
When looking for an outsourcing Node.js development company the number one question is “where can I find the best one?”. Of course, it would be great if you have friends that already have experience of work with the Node.js development team and can recommend you a certain company.

Each project is unique, so there is always the risk that you still get a result not of the same quality as your friend’s. Nevertheless, you have a great opportunity to find out firsthand insights about the contractor: how the team communicates, how the processes are set up, etc.

But what to do if you don't have such experienced friends? Who can you trust? Luckily, nowadays there are several excellent platforms where you can see the unbiased rating of companies. For example, Clutch, Glassdoor, Extract, Goodfirms, etc.

The greatest thing is that these ratings have a high level of reliability because customer reviews are exclusively real and are thoroughly verified. So here you can see the real picture, in contrast to a simple google search, where in response to your inquiry you will receive a lot of advertising.

2. Portfolio speaks better than words
Ok, you have already checked the trusted ratings but the number of outsourcing Node.js companies to choose from is still huge. How to narrow this list? The first step is to check their portfolios. Remember: if there is no portfolio that’s a bad sign and the reliability of such a company is rather questionable.

And vice versa, the more examples of work your potential contractor can show, the more chances that he is really skillful and experienced. Pay special attention to the industries of the projects presented in the portfolio. It will be great if among them you can find your niche or at least the one that is similar to yours. With an experience of working with the projects from your domain, the outsourcing Node.js company will have a better understanding of your business specifics and cover your needs and pain points perfectly.

Focus on the business challenges presented in the portfolio, the team’s approaches to their overcoming, and the value of the end results.

3. The general tech stack also matters
You should keep in mind that you don’t need to look for Node.js developers with 20 years of experience. That’s not the warranty of your future success. When checking the info about the certain outsourcing Node.js development company, you should pay attention to its tech expertise in general (whether its frameworks and other technologies are up to date).

Of course, everything depends on the level of the developers you are going to hire. For example, you can’t expect from the junior Node.js developer more than basic knowledge of Node.js, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.

The middle developers are required to have a wider tech stack. Besides Node.js, they should know at least one programming language that is not based on JS, understand MySQL/PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS, etc.

And the senior level developers should be masters of Node.js,TypeScript/CoffeeScript, proficient in REST, Angular, React, and other JS frameworks, know perfectly at least one another programming language.

4. The complexity of the delivered services can provide you with better results
Don’t forget to check out the scope of works that can be delivered within one outsourcing Node.js company. We mean that the ability to deliver a high-quality code is undoubtedly great characteristics but very often it’s not enough to achieve the best results. Software development is a complex process and it requires a comprehensive approach - both technical and business. Find out if a certain company besides software development itself can deliver you business expertise, consultations, analysis of your market and competitors, and assessment of your current digital infrastructure, etc.

Also, think about the additional services you need to end up with quality IT product. Do you need UI/UX design? Do you want your software to be further maintained and improved? It will be great if you can get all these services within one outsourcing company.

And last, but not least…
Don’t hesitate to ask for an interview. The communication skills of software development teams are often underestimated as many clients consider them as something not important. However, the way the team communicates and works can have a huge impact on the overall result. We, in RexSoft, are always open to talk with you about your project. So you can contact us whenever it’s comfortable for you.
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