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About RemoteDirDetector

RemoteDirDetector is the FREE tool to remotely detect type of Directory servers running on your local network or internet.

It is useful in environments where there are multiple directory servers such as Active Directory, eDirectory etc. Also it can be used in penetration testing while evaluating client environments where multiple Directory servers are deployed.

Being command-line tool makes it very easy for automation. Also you can use it to scan a single machine or scan all machines on your network.

It supports following popular Directory servers.

  • Novell eDirectory
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Open LDAP Directory
  • Sun One Directory
  • Netscape Directory
  • IBM Lotus Domino
  • Oracle Directory
  • OpenDS Directory
RemoteDirDetector is based on PERL and works on all platforms including Windows, Linux, MAC etc.
How it works?
Each Directory server has its own characteristics that clearly separate it from others. To find out its type, use any available LDAP search tool with the following parameters:
Filter: (objectClass=*)
Scope: base level
Attributes: vendorversion, objectClass, isGlobalCatalogReady

Now search for the above attributes and based on the results we can categorize the Directory servers into following types:
Attribute vendorVersion will contain the term "Novell eDirectory".
Sun One Directory
Attribute vendorVersion will contain the term "Sun Directory".
The objectClass attribute contains one of the values as "OpenLDAProotDSE".
Active Directory
Search result will contain the value "isGlobalCatalogReady".
So using just one LDAP search over the Directory, you can find out its type accurately.

1. Perl
You can download PERL for Windows/Linux/MAC from>

2. Perl Library - LDAP & Convert::ASN1
RemoteDirDetector requires additional PERL libraries to run smoothly. To make it easy for you, we have included current version of these libraries in the Downloaded Zip file.

You can simply copy them to %PERL_INSTALL_LOCATION%/lib folder.

How to Use?
Once you have installed Perl and dependent libraries (as mentioned in the above requirements section) you can run this tool as shown below.
Perl [-d] { host | host-range }

-d Do not use ping scan to check if the host is alive

//For single host
Perl -d
//For range of hosts
Release History
Version 2.0 :  25th Sep 2012
Support for detction of OpenDS Directory Server. Improved usage and report.
Version 1.3 :  23rd Apr 2008
Add Support for IBM Lotus Software & Oracle Directory. Thanks to Nicob for adding this support.
Version 1.1 : 8th Apr 2007
Improved the command-line interface and report.
Version 1.0 : 25th Nov 2006
First public release of RemoteDirDetector
Download RemoteDirDetector
FREE Download RemoteDirDetector v2.0
License  : Freeware
Platform : Windows, Linux, MAC

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