Salted Hash Generator : Free All-in-one Tool to Generate Salted Hash for MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA512/LM/NTLM |
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Salted Hash Generator is the FREE all-in-one tool to generate salted hash for popular hash types including MD5 and SHA1 family.

Here are the currently supported hash types,

  • LM
  • NTLM
  • Base64
  • MD5 Family (MD2, MD4, MD5)
  • SHA1 Family (SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512)
  • RIPEMD160

For each type, it generates hash for various combination of Password & Salt as follows,

  • Password only
  • Password+Salt
  • Salt+Password

Finally, you can save the generated hash list to HTML/XML/TEXT/CSV file.

It is fully portable and works on all platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.

  • Generate Salted Hashes for popular algorithms including MD5, SHA256, LM, NTLM.
  • Create Hash for all combination of password & salt
  • Directly copy the selected hash from the list by right click menu option.
  • Save the generated hash list to HTML/TEXT/XML/CSV file
  • Simple, Easy to Use GUI Interface
  • Fully Portable Tool, can be run anywhere
Installation & Uninstallation
It comes with simple Instaler that helps you to install it locally on your system for regular usage. It has intuitive setup wizard which guides you through series of steps in completion of installation.
At any point of time, you can uninstall the product using the Uninstaller located at following location (by default)
[Windows 32 bit]
C:\Program Files\SecurityXploded\SaltedHashGenerator

[Windows 64 bit]
C:\Program Files (x86)\SecurityXploded\SaltedHashGenerator
How to use?
Salted Hash Generator is very easy to use software.

Here are simple steps
  • Launch SaltedHashGenerator on your system.
  • Enter the password and salt text
  • Next Cilck on 'Generate Hash' button.
  • You will see all the hash types being generated for various combination of password & salt as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Finally you can export entire hash list to HTML/XML/Text/CSV file by clicking on 'Export' button and then select the type of file from the drop down box of 'Save File Dialog'..
Screenshot 1:SaltedHashGenerator is generating hashes for various password & salt combinations
Screenshot 2:  HTML report of generated hash list.
hash generator
Release History
Version 2.0 :  20th May 2014
New feature to create Salted Hash List in CSV (Comma-Seperated Values) File Format. Improved GUI interface with glowing icon effects.
Version 1.5 :  17th May 2013
Added support for popular Base64 algorithm
Version 1.0 :  31st Mar 2013
First public release of Salted Hash Generator
FREE Download Salted Hash Generator v2.0
License  : Freeware
Platform : Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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