Show DLLs : Command-line Tool to List DLLs in Load/Memory/Initialization order
ShowDLLs - Command-line Tool to List DLLs
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Show DLLs is the command-line tool to list DLLs from a Process in Initialization, Load and Memory Order.

Every Windows process maintains 3 linked lists of DLLs in the order of their loading. Here are they,

  • Initialization Order
  • Load Order
  • Memory Order

This tool help you in quickly list DLLs based on any of these orders by specifying the suitable option.

It is useful for researchers and developers to troubleshoot any problems related to DLL loading. Being a command-line tool makes it easy for scripting & automation.

Current version of ShowDlls supports listing of DLL from 32 bit Process only.

It is fully portable and works on all Windows Platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.

How to use?
ShowDLLs is very easy to use tool. It is command-line/console based tool, hence you have to launch it from the command prompt (cmd.exe).

Here is the simple usage information
    ShowDLLs [-l | -i | -m] <pid>
        -l     List Dlls in Load Order
        -i     List Dlls in Initialization Order
        -m     List Dlls in Memory Order
        -h     This help screen
        pid    Process ID
Examples of ShowDLLs
//List DLLs of process id 1151
ShowDLLs.exe 1151
//List DLLs in Load Order
ShowDLLs.exe -l 1151
//List DLLs in Initialization Order
ShowDLLs.exe -i 1151
//List DLLs in Memory Order
ShowDLLs.exe -m 1151
//Show this help screen
ShowDLLs.exe -h
ShowDLLs in Action
Release History
Version 1.5: 4th June 2013
Now shows the DLL Load Count or Reference Count on Windows 8 properly.
Version 1.0: 10th Apr 2013
First public release of ShowDLLs.
FREE Download ShowDLLs v1.5

License  : Freeware
Platform : Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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