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Version: 7.0

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SpyDllRemover is the specialized tool for detecting Spyware & Hidden Rootkit Dlls in the System.

In addition to Spyware Dlls, it can also detect user-land Rootkit processes using multiple Anti-Rootkit techniques. It uses Heuristic analysis and 'Online Threat Verification' for deeper analysis of unknown Malware Threats.

One of the unique feature of SpyDllRemover is 'Advanced Dll Ejection' which helps in completely removing Spyware/Rootkit Dlls from any running Process. It works very well with any Remote process across the session boundaries imposed in newer Windows editions like Vista/Windows7/8/10.

All these unique features makes it one of the generic tool for removing known as well as Unknown Threats compared to traditional Antivirus Softwares which can detect only known threats.

SpyDllRemover is fully Portable software and works on wide range of platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 10

Here are some of the special and unique features of SpyDllRemover.
  • Advanced Spyware Scanner: Detects Hidden User-land Rootkit processes as well as suspicious/injected Dlls within running Processes.
  • Hidden Rootkit Detection & Removal: Uses multiple techniques to detect user-land Rootkits
    • Direct NT System Call Implementation
    • Process ID Brute force Method (PIDB) as first used by BlackLight
    • CSRSS Process Handle Enumeration Method
  • Unique 'Advanced DLL Ejection': This is one of the Advanced & Unique feature of SpyDLLRemover used to completely remove the injected DLL from Remote Process.
  • Sophisticated Auto Analysis: Dll & Process Heuristics to help in Identification of known as well as Unknown Threats.
  • Color based Representation: For clear and easier analysis of various type of Spyware Threats.
  • Online Threat Verification: Scan suspicious Processes/DLLs using online services such as VirusTotal, ThreatExpert, ProcessLibrary and Google.
  • 'DLL Tracer' Feature: Search for suspicious DLL within all running processes.
  • Cooler GUI Interface: Attractive, Easy to Use & Customizable interface.
  • Advanced Report: Generates complete report of Processes/Dlls along with Threat Analysis.
  • Portable Version: You can easily run it directly without installation.
Internals of SpyDLLRemover
Unlike most of Anti-virus solutions and detection tools which uses out dated signature based method, SpyDLLRemover uses Heuristics based techniques to detect latest threats as they emerge out of the closet.In addition to this, it also uses generic Rootkit detection techniques which helps in uncovering most of the user-land based Rootkits.

Here are some of the technical articles which throws light on how Rootkits operate under the hood and their detection methods

Video Demonstration
Here is the video demonstration of various use cases of SpyDllRemover
Video 1:  SpyDllRemover detecting & removing hidden user-land Rootkit, HxDef.exe
Here are the screenshots of SpyDllRemover which demonstrates its effectiveness in detection & removal of userland rootkits, suspicious dlls & other spywares.
Screenshot 1: SpyDllRemover detecting HxDef user-land Rootkit Process and the malicious Dll injected by Vanquish Rootkit along with other suspicious DLLs.
SpyDllRemover Scanner Screen
[click here to view enlarged image]
Screenshot 2: SpyDllRemover's 'Process Viewer' showing hidden Dlls injected by Vanquish Rootkit into the process, cmd.exe.
SpyDllRemover showing the new Scan Settings
[click here to view enlarged image]
Screenshot 3: SpyDllRemover showcasing Search feature which helps in finding the suspicious Dlls in all running processes. Also shows new 'Right Click Menu' for quick actions.
SpyDllRemover - Searching for Spy Dlls
[click here to view enlarged image]
Screenshot 4 : Online Threat Verification of HxDef Rootkit using
Online Threat Verification using VirusTotal
[click here to view enlarged image]
Screenshot 5: Advanced 'Spyware Scanner Report' generated by SpyDllRemover.
SpyDllRemover - Advanced Scanner Report
[click here to view enlarged image]
Installation & Un-installation
SpyDllRemover comes with Installer to help in local installation & un-installation. This installer has intuitive wizard which guides you through series of steps in completion of installation.
At any point of time, you can uninstall the product using the Uninstaller located at following location (by default)
[Windows 32 bit]
C:\Program Files\SecurityXploded\SpyDllRemover

[Windows 64 bit]
C:\Program Files (x86)\SecurityXploded\SpyDllRemover
SpyDllRemover - FAQ
Here are some of the 'Frequently Asked Questions' for SpyDllRemover.
1. Color codes used in SpyDLLRemover
SpyDllRemover uses predefined set of color coding for easier interpretation of threat levels. Here are the details,
  •  RED :
    • Level =>[High Risk] Dangerous;
    • Description => Hidden Rootkit/Spyware;
    • Action => Remove Dll/Kill Process;

  •  Orange :
    • Level =>[Medium Risk] Suspicious;
    • Description => Suspicious Rootkit/Spyware;
    • Action => Scan Online & then Remove Dll/Kill Process;

  •  Yellow :
    • Level =>[Low Risk] Analysis;
    • Description => Need further analysis, It may be Spyware element;
    • Action => Scan Online & then Remove Dll/Kill Process;

  •  Green :
    • Level => Good;
    • Description => System process/legitimate third party process;
    • Action => Nothing;

  •  No Color :
    • Level => Normal;
    • Description => normal process/dll;
    • Action => Nothing;

2. On 64 bit systems, Why I am not able to see the Dlls for certain Processes?
SpyDllRemover is a 32 bit application, Hence it cannot display DLLs for 64bit Processes.However it can work well with 32 bit Processes (on 64bit Systems). Complete support for 64 bit will be available in future versions.
3. My firewall alerted me on SpyDllRemover trying to connect to address *.*.*.* at port 80, What should I do ?
When you launch SpyDllRemover, it tries to connect to our web server to see if newer version of SpyDllRemover is available. Other than this, SpyDllRemover does not connect to any server on its own.
4. I saw network traces from SpyDllRemover when I launched it. Is this intended one ?
Please read the FAQ 3.
5. I am running SpyDllRemover as normal user (not administrator) and I am not able to access some of the Process/Dlls. Why ?
When you are running SpyDllRemover as normal user, you will not be able to access any of the system Processes and Processes belonging to other users. For full access (Vista/Win7), you need to run SpyDllRemover as Administrator by right click on SpyDllRemover.exe and then select 'Run as Administrator'.
6. Looks like I found a Bug. What do I do now ?
That's good thing you have done lately :) We are in fact waiting for them. Send them to us with all possible information (include screenshot).
7. Here I did not find what I am looking for. What do I do now?
We have listed most of the favorite FAQs here. For others please contact us.
SpyDllRemover has received some great testimonials from elite customers who have been using this tool widely in their IT administration. 
Here is the testimonial from Lucas Rodriguez, President of Chip Computer Stores, Inc
Release History
Version 7.0:  14th Jul 2016
Mega edition with the support for Windows 10 operating system. Also includes minor GUI refinements.
Version 6.6:  27th Jul 2015
New feature added to Installer to dynamically download latest version
Version 6.5:  10th Jan 2015
Integrated Installer for local installation. Also added Uninstaller into Windows Add/Remove Programs.
Version 6.0:  7th July 2014
Mega version with support for latest operating system Windows 8.1. Support for white-listing known executable files. Also presents improved GUI interface with new banner & glowing icons.
Version 5.0:  14th Apr 2012
Displays new fields such as ASLR, DEP, Username for process, Marking off 32 bit processes, Advanced HTML report, Improved user friendly GUI interface.
Version 4.5:  26th Feb 2011
Support for Installer, Enhanced user interface with new banner and other bug fixes.
Version 4.0:  2nd Oct 2010
Next big version of SpyDllRemover with following features: Enhanced Threat verification with VirusTotal, ThreatExpert, ProcessLibrary & GoogleSearch, Improved Auto Analysis, Addition of process based heuristics for detecting Spywares, Advanced report generation, Right click menu integration for quick actions, Resizable Window for easier analysis. Direct interface with createfile/terminate process functions to bypass all userland hooks. integration of feature to check for new updates automatically.
Version 3.2:  8th Feb 2010
Support for malicious DLL removal from system processes across session boundaries breaking the limitations imposed in Vista/Win7.
Version 3.0:  30th Nov 2009
This version extends support for Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7. Along with this, it introduces 'Scan Settings' option to allow the user to fine tune the scanning operation. Also it presents other new features such as improved heurestic analysis, enriched user interface, Intelli-Refresh of 'Process Viewer' etc.
Version 2.5: 12th July 2009
Next major version of SpyDllRemover with 'DLL Tracer' feature to quickly search for DLL within all running processes. It also includes the improved user interface and  major bug fixes.
Version 2.0.1:  30th May 2009
Released second version of SpyDllRemover with enriched features such as Spyware Scanning of System, Improved DLL auto analysis, Enhanced GUI interface, HTML based report generation of spyware scanning result as well as process/DLL list, advanced technique for removal of injected DLL from all loaded processes, sorting the process/dll based on various parameters for easier and quicker identification.
Version 1.0.1: 14th Mar 2009
First public release of SpyDllRemover.
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License  : Freeware
Platform : Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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