Stellar Migrator for Outlook - An Excellent Tool to Import PST Files into Office 365
Stellar Migrator for Outlook - An Excellent Tool to Import PST Files into Office 365
If you are migrating to Office 365 (Microsoft 365), then you need to also import the mailboxes and other data from your desktop or on-premises environment to the cloud-based Office 365 platform. For this, you can import the PST files, containing all your emails, contacts, attachments, and other mailbox items, into Office 365. There are several native methods to import PST files into Office 365. However, these methods are lengthy, tedious, and time-consuming. In addition, you may face some challenges, like risk loss of data, data integrity issues, compatibility issues, performance bottlenecks, etc.

To avoid such challenges and other hassles, you can look for solutions that can help to directly import PST files into Office 365. That’s where third-party tools, like Stellar Migrator for Outlook, come into play. Developed by Stellar, this tool is touted as one of the best-ranked PST to Office 365 migration tools in the industry.

But how good this tool really is? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to find out in this post.

What is Stellar Migrator for Outlook?
Stellar Migrator for Outlook is a comprehensive PST to Office 365 migration tool engineered for both IT professionals and business users. This tool facilitates migration of PST files to Office 365, independent of geographical constraints. Its location-independent functionality enables administrators to manage license allocations and execute PST uploads from multiple systems concurrently. This enhances the operational scalability of migration process.

Stellar Migrator for Outlook preserves folder structure of the source PST files after migration. It is capable of importing large and encrypted PST files without compromising the data integrity. It is compatible with Outlook versions up to 2021. The tool uses Microsoft Modern Authentication for secure data uploads on Office 365.

Some striking features of the tool include automatically locating PST files, streamlined direct uploads to Office 365, and advanced filters for targeted data migration. Moreover, the enhanced preview functionality allows inspection and selection of mail items prior to import.

Stellar Migrator for Outlook generates comprehensive log reports once the migration process is complete. This can be very helpful for audit trails and regulatory compliance. The best part? Stellar Migrator for Outlook offers a pay-per-mailbox option. This means you need to pay only for the PST files you migrate.

Key Features of Stellar Migrator for Outlook
Stellar Migrator for Outlook offers a lot of features to facilitate easy and quick migration of PST files to Office 365. Here's the list of a few:
  • Automatic PST File Detection: Automatically finds Outlook PST files on the system or drive.
  • Compatibility with Windows Operating Systems: Smoothly works on all Windows operating systems - from the latest Windows 11 to Windows 7.
  • Preview Functionality: Offers a detailed preview of emails and other items, such as tasks, contacts, and more.
  • Migration Destinations: Facilitates direct transfer of data from PST to Microsoft 365, live Exchange Server, or an existing Outlook profile.
  • Selective Folder Transfer: Allows migration of specific folders within a mailbox as per the user needs.
  • Support for Encrypted PST Files: Capable of handling and migrating password-protected PST files.
  • Direct Email Saving: Offers an option for exporting individual emails to PST format from the preview window.
  • Recovery of Deleted Items: Includes functionality for restoration of deleted items. All the deleted emails are highlighted in red color for easy identification.
  • Advanced Email Filtering: Provides advanced filtering options to refine and specify the data being migrated, ensuring only relevant information is transferred.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office: Ensures full integration with multiple versions of Microsoft Office, including the latest 2021 edition.
  • Support for Various Outlook Versions: Supports a wide range of Outlook versions, including 2021, 2019, 2016, and earlier, covering both OST and PST file types.
Is Stellar Migrator for Outlook Safe to Use?
Stellar Migrator for Outlook is developed by Stellar, a company known for its commitment to data security and privacy. So, you can stay worry-free about safe handling of data during the migration. It does not collect any of your information without your consent during the migration process. This commitment to privacy provides you with added security and peace of mind.

The software incorporates advanced encryption and security measures to block unauthorized access and protect against data breaches. You can trust Stellar Migrator for Outlook to manage your data securely and with the highest level of care.

How to Use Stellar Migrator for Outlook?
Stellar Migrator for Outlook’s user interface is clean and clutter-free. Even a person new to the software can use it effectively. The installation process is also easy. Here's how to use Stellar Migrator for Outlook.

Step 1: Go to Stellar Migrator for Outlook's website and click on the "Buy Now" button. Then, select the number of mailboxes you want to migrate.

Stellar Migrator for Outlook

Step 2: After selecting the number of mailboxes, click on the "Buy Now" button and complete the payment. You will receive an “exe” file with “license credentials” for installation.

Step 3: Install the software by running the downloaded exe file.

Stellar Migrator for Outlook

Step 4: After installation, open Stellar Migrator for Outlook. Click the Browse option to select the PST file you wish to upload to Office 365.

Stellar Migrator for Outlook

Step 5: If you want to view all PST files associated with your profile on your computer, click on the “Profile List” tab.

Stellar Migrator for Outlook

Step 6: After choosing the PST file, click Scan to start the scanning process.

Step 7: After scanning, the software displays all the file items in the left panel. Expand the folders to preview the items.

Stellar Migrator for Outlook

Step 8: Select the mail folders and items you want to migrate, click Migrate Mailbox, select the "Microsoft 365” radio button, and then click “Next” to start the process. It will redirect you to choose the Microsoft 365 account which is already configured on your system.

Stellar Migrator for Outlook

Step 9: Enter the Microsoft 365 account details and click Migrate.

Stellar Migrator for Outlook

Step 10: The software will connect to Office 365 using Microsoft Modern Authentication and begin transferring your selected mail items.

Step 11: Depending on the size of your mailbox and network speed, the process might take some time.

Final Verdict
Stellar Migrator for Outlook is a powerful and user-friendly solution designed to address the complexities of email migration. The tool proves to be a dependable and secure choice for transferring Outlook PST files to Office 365, effectively navigating the challenges you might face with manual migration methods, like Network Upload or Drive Shipping.

The software's capability to handle multiple PST files of any size, coupled with its use of Microsoft Modern Authentication for a secure connection to Office 365, underscores its utility for individual users as well as IT administrators seeking a hassle-free migration experience.

Stellar Migrator for Outlook is highly recommended for anyone looking to migrate PST files to Office 365 efficiently and without any disruption.

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