Top 6 TV Shows College Students Need to Watch
Top 6 TV Shows College Students Need to Watch
Many TV shows are available on Netflix, HBO, and Hulu, among other platforms. However, it can be challenging to decide on a show to binge-watch.

College students must balance their studies, extra-curricular activities, social life, and part-time jobs. We may not have much time for ourselves during the week. However, hiring essay writers can free up some time on our schedules to binge-watch favorite shows on weekends.

Here is a list of must-see TV shows as a college student:

Friends are one of the most famous shows that college students have ever seen. It talks about a group of 6 friends who live in New York City and explores their lives, relationships, and everything that has happened to them over ten years. They come from different backgrounds, but they are the closest friends.

It is a message to all college students: no matter how different you are, friendship is the most important thing in your life. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you do, as long as you have your friends.

The Office
"The Office" is an excellent show for college students. This gives you an inside look at how crazy office life can be. It is a mockumentary-style show, which makes it hilarious and makes you feel like you are part of the action.

The cast is full of characters that are easy to relate to, and they make an excellent group to follow throughout the series. It is also a great show because everything always works out, even when things get rough or scary. You have time to move on and grow past your mistakes.

Game of Thrones
It is impossible to ignore the hype and popularity of this show. It has been around for six seasons and has become a cultural phenomenon. You will be the odd one out if you don't watch it.

The show is an adaptation of George R.R Martin's book series A Song of Ice and Fire. It is about the people living in the fictional continent Westeros, divided into several kingdoms.

These kingdoms battle to control the Iron Throne and rule over the Seven Kingdoms. It delves deep into politics and power struggles and contains elements of magic, love, tragedy, and betrayal.

College students are the target demographic for this show. It is all about a community college. No matter your major, you will find something relatable in this show because there are characters of every background and stereotype.

It also features everything college is known for - drinking, procrastinating on homework/studying, and relationships (both good and bad). It is a must-see show for all college students who need uplifting with a bit of comedy and social commentary.

How I Met Your Mother
As the title of the show suggests, the story of this sitcom follows Ted Mosby as he tells his kids the tale of how he fell in love with their mother. The show also follows his four best friends, Lily and Marshall Eriksen, Robin Scherbatsky, and Barney Stinson.

Over nine seasons, viewers watch as Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor) falls in and out of love with multiple women before finally finding true love in the final season. Though it may seem like a love story, this show is full of humor and social commentary. Thus, making it a perfect choice for college students.

Big Bang Theory
The show revolves around five friends living in California, who are all brilliant as physicists but are socially inept. The Big Bang Theory is quite a unique American sitcom that provides a lot of insight into the quirks of geeks and nerds.

The Big Bang Theory show will make you laugh at the expense of your social ineptitude. In addition, if you are not a student, it will make you realize just how much better your life could be.

The show has many seasons already available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Moreover, you will never run out of TV to watch.

Grown-ish follows Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) as she heads off to college and quickly realizes that not everything goes her way once she leaves the nest. The show hilariously highlights the struggles of being a minority on a predominantly white campus, having your first real roommate, and joining Greek life — all with a modern soundtrack.
Final Takeaway
College is an exciting time. Moreover, it is also a stressful time. However, you need to make the most out of your time in college. Watching TV shows will help you pass the time and relax. This is the best way to kill some time if you are bored. You can't go wrong with these shows.
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