Why is the Avalanche Feature so Common in Modern Slots?
Why is the Avalanche Feature So Common in Modern Slots?
The avalanche feature is becoming increasingly commonplace in most instantly accessible online slots, this has left some players to question why exactly this is. Is it due to the benefits or are there other factors influencing this rise in popularity.
What is the Avalanche Feature
The avalanche feature is also sometimes called the cascading reels feature and it is essentially a feature where winning symbols on a payline will disappear and will be replaced by other symbols falling down. This feature is called other names by different software developers, depending on the brand the slot is using. This feature is popular with players for one main reason, it increases their chances of winning a nice payout. The avalanche feature is becoming more common in online slots, having started out in NetEnt’s classic game Gonzo’s Quest in 2010. Although the feature has been in the slot gaming world for many years now, it has remained incredibly popular amongst players, mainly due to the fantastic benefits that it offers them.
The avalanche feature has been embraced by players for many reasons. This innovative feature manages to offer players great benefits that have led to its insane popularity in the slot community. The following are some of the biggest benefits that come with using the avalanche feature.
  • One of the main benefits that comes with using this feature is the increased chances for a great payout. One thing that players love about this feature is the fact that it helps their chances of getting a nice sum of cash.
  • Another benefit that comes from using the avalanche feature is that it is fun to use. Slot gaming can become monotonous sometimes, with all the same features and bonuses. Luckily, the avalanche feature helps to break this up as it creates an exciting bonus that completely changes the game for players.
  • The uniqueness of the feature is also something that helps it stand out for players. Lets face it, there are a lot of similarities between slot game bonuses. The avalanche manages to break the mould by introducing an exciting and high paying bonus that players love to use.
Why Is It So Common?
It is true that the avalanche feature is becoming increasingly common in slot gaming, there are many reasons why this is happening.
  1. The benefits - The most obvious reason, the amazing benefits that this feature offers players are just too good to ignore. Not only can this feature increase the chances of a good payout but it is also incredibly unique, helping to create standout gameplay.
  2. Variety for developers - The avalanche feature is not always known as an avalanche feature in slot games, the feature is often called cascading reels. This variety that the feature offers developers, helps explain why they would be so keen to use it.
Final Thoughts
The avalanche or cascading reels feature is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, perhaps the biggest is the ways that it makes gameplay much more fun for players and adds a whole new way to enjoy a slot game.
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