Why Your Security Software Should Be Multi-Language
Why Your Security Software Should Be Multi-Language
In the modern highly globalized and interconnected world, the decentralization of the business becomes more and more trendy, which provides entrepreneurs with a vast array of opportunities. One of the main advantages of decentralized business is the ability to hire the best talents around the world rather than those available nearby. At the same time, in our computerized and digitized world, the issue of cybersecurity goes along with all the advantages of decentralization. To protect your company’s data from all kinds of breaches, you must protect your employees’ computers. And to do that when you have a multinational team might be more challenging than it seems. One of the ways to do that in a relatively fast and efficient way is to consider installing cybersecurity software with a multilingual preference.
Whatever Language Your Company Speaks
The security of data stored virtually either on your company’s hardware or in the corporate cloud is extremely important. Just as you protect your physical data, such as printed reports, by using certified translation agency online, you must also ensure the safety of its digital counterpart. Thankfully, the ways to do that are many and the numbers are growing.

Considering the serious nature of cybersecurity matters in today’s world, the methods to protect computer equipment and data are numerous indeed. Security software includes a vast array of programs, from virtual machines (that allow your employees work remotely using the data from different computers) to shredders (which are able to delete all the data for good by rewriting the encryption keys of files), to basic antivirus software, with which we all are familiar. And regardless of what your employees do, whether it’s programming or communication with the customers, protecting everyone is a must.

Benefits of Multi-Language Software
Now, while there is a lot of great security software, not all of it can be used by each and every person, simply because the software’s interface is written in the language that person doesn’t speak well. With cybersecurity, everything must work properly, which can only depend on the employee using the software. That is why it is extremely important to have such software available in a few languages at once. Here are just a few examples of how this can play out for you.
  • Your employees will be able to set the software properly.
While installing an initial set of security software is primarily a system administrator’s work, the maintenance of those settings can and should be done by the direct users. For example, when an operating system updates, it might reboot the computer completely, thus, shutting down the software. And when this happens, some settings can restore to factory defaults or simply not load properly. The same can happen when the software itself updates. In order to check whether everything is fine in the first place, the user must be familiar with the interface language at least.
  • Your employees will be able to report more efficiently.
Whenever there is any kind of malfunction or apparent security breach attempt, reporting immediately is vital. A vast portion of security software enables this function allowing your employees to report directly to security specialists in no time. This is why having a multi-language interface is important, especially if some of your departments work remotely from different countries. While most security software has the function of automatic report generation, it might not always work properly, thus, sometimes reporting a different issue. This is why understanding what the program suggests to report is so important.
  • Your software has maximum compatibility.
By purchasing multi-lingual security software, you ensure that it will be good for use in all departments on all operating systems and with all other software. If you have your staff scattered all around the world and want to protect the computer of every employee with the same software, then multi-language preference is the must. Software with such an option will be easily installed on any operating system regardless of the region and will be there to protect your data, your equipment, and your employees at any time.
  • You save costs… quite a lot.
Security software packages for business can be quite expensive with prices ranging from a few thousand dollars to as much as $40,000 per 100 workstations per year. Now, imagine you must buy not just for a few hundreds of workstations but also a few different software packages simply because there’s no language available for one of your departments. Just like if you want to find professional translation services for a few languages at once, you should search for the security software available in as many languages as your business speaks. Paying the same price two or three times is not the best idea, so considering a multilingual security software package is totally worth it.
Security is Priceless
While multilingual security software packages might be somewhat more expensive than those available in a single or a few languages, this will certainly pay off in a long run. There is no more noble and considerable priority than the safety of your employees and your data, so acquiring the most suitable security software for your business is a must. Do not chase the cheapest option in anything as it may backfire one day. Remember only to keep it safe in both the real and virtual spaces.
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