5 Ways To Have Free Music On Your Phone In 2022
5 Ways To Have Free Music On Your Phone In 2022
All of us listen to music weekly if not daily. Music provides our ears and souls with a sort of pleasure that we need to enhance our mood. The music industry has been constantly growing and music platforms have been profiting from streams that can be measured by billions. However, sometimes these platforms can be very expensive. Even if you are streaming music from free platforms or apps, your data consumption increases which can be costly as well. The possibility of not having constant internet access makes you think of ways to keep listening to your favorite songs and albums without being online. There are multiple ways to stream and enjoy music when connected to the internet. Adding to this, you can easily download music on your device if you don’t usually have internet access.

These are the most efficient ways to do so

1. Youtube To MP3 Converters
Sometimes you are listening to new songs or hits on Youtube and you want to download them. You might feel helpless since Youtube doesn’t always provide the downloading feature and this feature is not usually for copyrighted music. However, you can easily download the song you just liked by using a tool that can convert YT videos to MP3 format. What you have to do is just go to your browser and type “Youtube to MP3”, you will be provided with a list of websites that can do that for you. Then, you just copy the URL of the youtube song and place it on the search bar of the website. Choose the format of your preference and click download. Now, the song will be permanently downloaded on your device.
2. Music App Downloaders
Sometimes, you want to have music permanently downloaded on your smartphone. There are apps for that. These apps are free and can be downloaded from your smartphone browser as an APK file. One of these successful apps is called “Snaptube”. What you have to do is just search the name of the app on your phone browser accompanied by the acronym “APK”, and disable your “unknown app security settings” from phone settings. The next step is to install the app and then you are good to go!
3. Free Music Apps
The music industry provides music listeners with free music apps. These apps can be used when you are connected to the internet, or even when you are offline. What you have to do is just download one of these apps on your smartphone and enjoy.

This is a list of some of the recommended music apps that you can download,

  • Soundcloud
  • Pandora
  • Tidal
  • Deezer
  • Shazam
  • Spotify free subscription option
4. Syncing Cables
Sometimes you have downloaded music on your PC that you want to have on your phone or vice versa. A syncing cable will be an easy method to do so. This cable will be plugged into your computer’s USB port while the other end of the cable should be connected to your phone. Usually, the syncing cable is the same cable you charge your smartphone with. You can research how to do this since the method sometimes varies depending on your phone type. However, the below is a typical guide that will provide you with a clear process,
  • Connect your phone to the Pc using the syncing cable.
  • A call for action message will appear on your screen: you should choose “transfer files”.
  • After allowing phone access to exchange files, your computer will detect and install the new hardware.
  • Go to your “my computer” and double click on the new drive, that is of the connected device.
  • Create or find the folder where you want your music to be.
  • Simply drag and drop the music into that folder.
  • When the process is successfully done, you can “eject” your device.
5. Bluetooth
Bluetooth remains the classic way of successfully transferring files. Almost every smartphone has a Bluetooth transferring option. In your case, music can be transferred quickly since music files are light. You can transfer music from phone to phone or from pc to phone. In the first case, you just have to long-press the music file and choose to share it via Bluetooth, pair the target device, and tap send. If you are transferring the file from pc, you should pair your device to your computer Bluetooth first and then transfer the music file.
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