4 Best Tech Subjects to Major In
4 Best Tech Subjects to Major In

The future is now. We’re in the midst of a very interesting turning point in our history on this planet. The technology era has brought about dozens, if not hundreds, new industries and elements into our daily lives.

We’re sure that there are a lot of our readers who are interested in participating in the tech industry and all things tech. That’s why we’ve rounded up 4 of what we think are excellent subjects to study and pursue in the tech sector.

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With that out of the way, here’s the article:

1. Software Engineering
Majors in software engineering courses will typically need to learn how to design, construct, and maintain complex software applications and programs. Employers expect them to have knowledge and expertise on (to name a few):
  • Programming
  • Algorithms
  • Data structure
  • Graphics
  • Database systems
  • Web development
  • Software development

Basically, all that encompasses software engineering and creative spheres like visual arts. What can they do with all of this knowledge? In our technological era, a whole lot. Software engineering has grown so fast it’s unprecedented. It’s also linked with other areas of computer science, which is why we think it’s one of the best subjects to learn when it comes to tech.

And of course, students who manage to master this topic and go far with it, have the software tester part time on Jooble. Literally. the demand for tech whizzes at the very moment is crazy. Companies and other types of organizations always have a spot for a qualified software engineer.

It’s a very in-demand job that can land an applicant in many different fields. So, that’s one thing to consider if you’re hesitating about taking it up. And graduates from this degree don’t have to strictly limit themselves to particular industries, since many industries need computer-literate graduates. This is probably one of the main reasons why this particular subject is so attractive. Many options, in-demand, limitless possibilities.

2. DeFi
Taking up courses on the subject of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) can score you extra brownie points in the years to come. Ever since the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, finances have been revolutionized and continue to change as we speak.

The world of DeFi is unprecedented, unpredictable, and comes jam-packed with novelty. It’s crucial to take up courses to understand it. Of course, since it plays such a major and important role in people’s lives as of now, as well as the future, we think it’s a tech subject that’s worth a lot. It’s time to get financially literate before it’s too late.

Students can expect to learn these topics (to name a few):

  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Decentralized applications


3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
When learning AI, students can expect to learn about the elements that make it up, even if it’s quite a vague and broad term. This can include (to name a few):
  • Logic
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Science
  • Robotic
Fundamentally, AI serves to help humans work more efficiently than they’ve ever done. And it’s self-explanatory, AI is supposed to mimic human intelligence, that’s why it’s called Artificial Intelligence. However, there’s a huge hype when it comes to this topic, and many startups and companies throw the word around for marketing.

In reality, we are in very primitive stages of AI development, and that’s why we think it’s very important that people start learning the subject in-depth. It will absolutely play a crucial part in the shaping of our future as humans.

It’s not even far-fetched to say that AI could revolutionize the very foundation of our lives. Think of efficient AI that could replace the workforce, leaving humans to not center their lives around work but on maintaining them? Becoming true creators. It’s food for thought.

At the moment, AI is helping us with things like chatbots, automation (in many senses), intelligent assistants that can extract information from large databases and the internet, and so on. Of course, this is commercialized AI, there are many more inventions that utilize it that are probably not so publicly known.

4. Augmented And Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
This can be considered a subject under Computer Science and Software Engineering, but it’s very worth noting all the same. With the introduction of the Metaverse by Facebook and the ongoing shift to digitalized environments, taking up courses on these particular fields is not only relevant but worthwhile.

Students who can learn these topics in-depth can be part of the technological revolution. We know that sounds grand, but it’s true. Startups, businesses, and many organizations and institutions are turning to digital working spaces, digital learning spaces, even digital playgrounds.

In some sense, the Covid-19 pandemic shifted our focus to our digital environments even more than before. The wheels have already turned, and there is no turning back to traditional practices. Everything is changing. That’s why we think that taking up courses to learn about these subjects might be a very good decision, at least for those who are interested.

Final Thoughts
In the interest of clarifying this complex topic, here are the key points from this article:
  • Individuals who want to take up software engineering should expect to learn complex topics that surround the creation and maintenance of software applications and programs. It is a good subject for the technical-minded.
  • Decentralized Finance can benefit most people and teach them to become financially literate, especially with digital currencies. It is a highly relevant topic.
  • Individuals who want to learn AI in-depth can help with its development and how it can ultimately benefit humans on a whole other level.
  • AR/VR are fields of interest that are up and coming and revolutionary.

We hope this article can help our readers make an educated decision about what they want to study and pursue. As usual, we wish you happy hunting.

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