Hacking Crazy Taxi Game on Facebook |
Hacking Crazy Taxi Game on Facebook
Author: Rishabh Dangwal 
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Most young players these days spend their days and nights playing games on popular online gaming sites including Facebook. Like every one else they too want to be ahead in the race and that's what make them play again n again just to get on top of it.

However you don't have to struggle so much to get on to the top of these games. You can use bit of hacks with right tools to get what you want and beat all of your friends.
Video game hacking is easy, flash game hacking is easier. You only need a right set of tools & some time to do that. In this quick and easy tutorial I will show you how to hack the Crazy Taxi (Carzy Cabbie) game on Facebook, Orkut or any social networking website. 
You need to have following ready to play a hacking game
  • Internet Explorer - yep..this is quite vulnerable to memory injections..thats why. Comes packed with windows.
  • Cheat Engine - quite prominent tool to hack flash applications & games. Download it here
  • Time - don't you have little time to stay ahead of your friends ;)
Hacking CrazyTaxi Game
Once you have got the CheatEngine downloaded and running, you can now proceed with hacking game.

To start with, open Internet Explorer & login into Facebook. Go to Crazy Taxi/Crazy Cabbie game page
crazy taxi game
Now lauch CheatEngine application on your system, you will see the screen as shown below.
cheat engine
On the menu bar, click on computer button to select a process, click on iexplore.exe (Internet explorer process) & click on open.
crazy taxi and IE process
Cheat engine now will be attached to the Internet explorer.
cheat engine attached to IE
Now go back to Crazy Taxi game, play it very badly so that you will lose. (is it harder than trying to win ;) )
crazy taxi lost game
Now in the  'Cheat Engine' click on "Enable speed hack". Then enter a value of 100 to 400 in the input box and click on apply as shown in the screen below
cheat engine hack
Now make sure as you do it you "KEEP PRESSING UP ARROW KEY", click on the play again link & voila..
crazy taxi winner
crazy taxi highest score
Look at your score on left side, surprised ! Don't forget to share with your friends ;)

easy huh ?

This hack works well on Crazy Cabbie, Crazy Taxi, their clones & more such racing games on Facebook. With little hack using the hacking tools like CheatEngine you can leave all your enemies behind.

Hoping that you have mastered this hack, now it is the time to challenge your old rivals ;)
In this basic tutorial, Rishabh explains how to hack Facebook games such as Crazy Taxi using tools like Cheat Engine.
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