How Sports Betting Is Affecting Digital Publishing
How Sports Betting Is Affecting Digital Publishing
Digital publishing has always had a vested interest in sports. It is a global subject of interest, with millions of people reading about sports online and buying sports publications every day and it seems that the two industries will be even closer in the future.

This is due to changing sports betting laws but how exactly does sports betting affect digital publishing? And will the changes benefit digital publishing, or will they cause problems?

Here is everything you need to know about sports betting and digital publishing.

Changing Rules
Recent changes to legislation have had a huge effect on both digital publishing and sports betting. In May, 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that sports betting is now allowed outside of Nevada. The new federal law stated that bars and casinos could legally host football, baseball, basketball and other sporting events in their venue, and any guests could bet on the events if they so choose to.

Before this time, the only state in which people could legally place a sports bet was Nevada but now, any state can host a sports betting event. States quickly started to take advantage of the new rules; in fact, the state of New Jersey officially legalized sports betting within four weeks of the legislation!

Now sports betting is legal in 11 states, but that isn’t all; seven more states are currently preparing to do the same, and research indicates that around 40 states will legalize sports betting within the next five years. This huge legalization rush means that the sports betting industry (which was already worth billions) has grown significantly in the last few years and it will continue to grow over the next decade

This means that the racing and sport betting industry in the US is more valuable than ever before and now digital publishers are looking to get involved.

The Supreme Court’s decision, coupled with New Jersey’s decision to legalize the sports betting business, created a new opening in the market that digital publishers have stepped right into.

How The New Rules Will Affect Digital Publishing
Now sports betting is legal across America, which means there are hundreds of new betting companies opening up and the operators are hungry for new customers and online coverage. This creates an opportunity for digital publishers to work with sports operators, creating relevant content for their sites to draw new customers in.

More and more digital publishers are adding sports content to their long-term content plans, and over time it is likely that this will affect the sports marketing industry. It will provide the industry with new, innovative content to impress and engage fans and it will also benefit digital publishers from a financial standpoint.

This is because digital publishers can monetize sports betting content in lots of different ways; they can create paid content, they can work with affiliate companies, and they can even add sports betting options to digital platforms that they already own. So sports betting isn’t just beneficial for sports operators and fans; it can also benefit digital publishers.

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